October 12, 2011


One of the biggest seasons of change in someone's life is going from single to married.

As I'm editing photos from Weddings, I am struck with the joy that is involved with this change. I remember Travis and I moving into our first apartment together. It was so different--so new. All of the food in the fridge was ours, our mail was addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Albini, we got to come home to each other after long days of work and class.

When the brides and grooms make their grand exits, I am so excited for them--for what lies ahead in their lives. Big changes. Fun changes.

So, please enjoy this last peak into our time with Raechel and Bryce--their Wedding will be on the blog on Friday.

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  1. wow, what a cute wedding! I love the pics of all the groomsmen lined up on the balcony. What a beautiful couple and great job getting all the beautiful details. The couple was gorgeous too! good job guys!