October 6, 2011

Lightning, Thunder, Hail--Oh my!

As I mentioned in the last post, we had a crazy storm last night here in Chico. This morning I walked out before the sun was even up and it felt like I was in Tahoe in December! Okay, maybe not that cold but it felt freezing!

After I got back home around 8:15am, the ground in the backyard looked like this...
And this was about 12 hours after the storm! We didn't quite get golf ball sized hail at our place but friends of ours did. They were probably the size of a penny when they first fell. I had to walk outside in it last night to get to the car and thank God for that umbrella! When I reached for the door handle, my hand got pelted a few times.
This is the most prepared I will be until I can get to our storage unit for my Uggs and rainboots. (I'm making it seem like we are stuck in a life threatening storm, huh?!) We're not. I like the change in weather but am looking forward to it being Fall before Winter!
While I was taking these pictures, I walked by the bathroom and caught my cute, banker, husband getting ready for work:)
Okay, enough of my randomness. I will be inside all day today editing Wedding and Engagement photos. I really do love my job:)

Did you check out Pinterest(see last post)?! What do you think?

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  1. OH MAN! THAT HAIL IS NUTS! Looks like it snowed.. sooo cool! I miss you!