October 31, 2011

In Love--Matt & Chelsea

I love getting to know new people. It is especially fun when these people are in love and getting married! There are lots of giggles, smiles, and stories. 

Hearing the story of how the future bride and groom met is often a highlight of our time together. Matt and Chelsea met while in Chico--but things didn't really begin until they were reconnected down the road. That is always fun to hear--How their paths crossed once again.

Enjoy these photos of our time together. I wish I could share them all--we went all around Chico. Matt and Chelsea have plenty of places in this town that are near and dear to them. Fun!
 Both Chelsea and Matt graduated from Chico State and now live in the Bay Area.
We had to take a photo in front the place where their paths crossed for the second time. They rocked some awesome wigs for this location!
 This next shot is one of many jumping photos. Can you tell they are a fun couple??
 Matt is a runner and this location in Bidwell Park is sentimental to him.
 Chelsea and Matt also golf together. Yeah, I know what you are thinking--what fun thing don't they do?!
 Matt designed Chelsea's Engagement ring. It is just beautiful.
 Thank you to this sweet couple for letting us be a part of this fun time in your lives! You are beautiful people and truly work great together.

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  1. Danielle, you did such an amazing job, the pics are GREAT. We had such a great time shooting these and I can't wait to see them all. Thanks so much!!!


  2. Thanks a bunch, they look great and we had such a fun time taking them.

  3. Chelsea and Matt--thank you!! Thanks for all the jumping and fun:)