August 4, 2011

Little Ones--Hansen Family

While Kevin and Annalisa were one of the first couples we got to know after we became Mr. & Mrs., Little Miss P was one of the first babies that my husband fell in love with. When we first met her, she was oh so tiny. As we have watched her grow, Travis is smitten with her. Polly has so much character and is very well-behaved. Her mommy was making her giggle during this shoot by asking "What does a piggy say?" Then responding with "Oink, oink!"(including the typical pig finger-to-nose scrunch). It was a hot day but this little girl was a doll--giving smiles and giggling at pig noises. Enjoy some photos of our time together. We love you Hansen Family!
 Want to see where Polly gets some of those stunning looks?
 You can tell now why Travis everyone is so smitten with her. We love you, Little Miss P. Thank you for being so good to us!

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