August 5, 2011

Lake Almanor Camping--Dirty feet, tree swings, and hammocks.

I was so excited when I turned on my camera and saw all of the photos we took camping. I had totally forgotten about them. I think the stress of moving the following week threw me off. Anyways--we went camping with some great friends at Lake Almanor a few weeks ago. It was FABULOUS. I love camping-- I would choose camping over hotel staying. I'm not saying I didn't scream at all of the nasty spiders and love taking a shower afterwards, because I did. But, I'd do it again tomorrow.
My favorite part about camping is waking up in the morning. It is so refreshing. We actually slept in because it stayed cool in our tent. Normally, camping in a tent forces me to get up early because it gets so hot. But, I enjoy sitting around the smoking campfire early in the morning, before other campsites are swarmed with screaming children, with coffee in my hand. Maybe we didn't totally 'rough it'.
 The water level was so high that this is not normally an island. We swam out there to the tree swing. The water was perfect!
 The newlyweds--really love them.
 Mahlon's awesome circus tent and my cute hubby playing frisbee--I've given up on that sport.
 The only picture I took of the campfire. This is probably the most pathetic that it looked the whole weekend, too. These men knew how to build a fire!
 Where we ate some shakes and food.
Sorry about this next photo, babe. I thought it was funny. You probably won't even read this blog post and if you do, you don't know how to delete photos from it:)
Mahlon, you weren't in any of my photos. I'm sorry! Mahlon brought his jetski and I went out on it with Trav. I am fine on those things if I am driving--I feel in control. Once we switched and he was driving it, I freaked out. I told him to not go fast!! I think I also said "Travis, please respect my feelings!" HA!! Then I said just drop me off and you go enjoy yourself out there.
Lake Almanor is a gorgeous place! Thank you, friends, for making it even more of a gorgeous experience.
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  1. Can I just say that I love Travis' shirt...way to represent bro!