August 17, 2011

Friends in cool places

We are seriously blessed to have friends around the map who let us crash their pads. Last week was Travis' week off before starting full time at Chase Bank. So, it was up to him how we spent that time. I'm so glad that he chose what to do because we had a blast! We started out in Sacramento and got to spend a day with our friends Kevin and Krissy. They just got married in June and are total newlyweds:) I just love watching them together--they exert such a beautiful love for each other.
We all walked about 30 blocks around downtown I have no idea where. We walked to see the capital building and then to a cute coffee shop where we had the most delicious cheese plate!!
 Trav and I had never been to the capital. Most of our friends how grew up in Northern California would take field trips here in grade school. That would have been a long field trip from San Diego!

 Kevin and Krissy.
 A pretty church that Trav snapped a pic of while we were walking around.
 We had the best tacos EVER for dinner(We were all starving so the deliciousness was heightened!).We made homemade chocolate chip cookies and played lots of Liars Dice. 
Kevin took some pictures of us making our cookies. Cooking with friends is always so much fun. It is one of my favorite things to do!!
 Here is how our homemade chocolate chip cookies turned out--they were a delicious mess.
We left Sac and headed down to San Diego for the week. I got to surprise my good friend Elyse. I told her that we should skype around 7pm. So, at 7pm I called her and told her to stay on the phone with me because I wanted to make sure that my skype worked. I knocked on her door and said Surprise! She had no idea. (Skype was a great way to make sure that she was home!)

We also got to go to breakfast and coffee with our friends Zac and Lacey. They were vacationing at Del Mar beach with their family. So, we stopped by the beach house and walked over to the beach two days in a row--literally a two minute walk!

We spent one evening with my Dad and sisters at his house in San Diego. My Pops knows how to cook--he made us corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, chicken, and ribs.  He never fails to impress!!

THEN we got to go to Palm Springs for a day and lay by the pool with Elyse, Jose, and their families. It was so hot out but the pool was nice and cold.

I wish I would have taken photos of all of the things we did. I get too protective of my camera when it comes to taking it to the beach(sandy mess), to the pool(water & heat), etc. Next time we travel I will try to capture all of the fun little things that we do!

All in all, we have FABULOUS friends in FABULOUS places. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!

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  1. This is awesome! I just saw this and it makes me want you guys to come back so bad! ANYTIME you need a little vacation from Chico you can crash at our little party pad- we promise we will get an air mattress soon! Love you two so much!