August 19, 2011


One fun thing about moving in with another couple is that you get to see what they eat. Does that sound weird? What I mean is that you get to see new recipes that you haven't tried, but that are a big part of their meals. One thing that our new housemates have a lot of is Lemonade. Travis loves it! Last time I went to the grocery store I bought like 6 cans of it because we all go through it so fast. I was tired of just plain ol' lemonade so I spruced it up!
--Slice up some fresh strawberries
--Slice up some fresh limes
I added the strawberries and lime mix to the cup first, then ice, then the lemonade. I didn't want to have fruit pieces trying to sneak in my mouth while I'm trying to drink!
Not only does it taste really good, but it is so summery and refreshing. I'd recommend drinking it outside--just so you get the full summery effect:)
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