July 28, 2011

What's Up

I have been pretty M.I.A on here lately. We have been on the go non stop these past few weeks. We are moving from our apartment where we have lived the past 3 years into a house with another couple in the same town. I didn't think that I would be sad to leave our little one bedroom apartment--but I am. It was Travis' first and only place he has lived outside of his parent's home. It was our first home as a married couple--so many fun memories here. All the anniversaries, birthday parties, having new friends over for dinner, setting up & decorating our first home, learning how marriage works, etc.
We only have a few more things to grab from the apartment and then we will be fully moved out. I want to thank everyone who helped. Seriously, we would not have been able to do with without you. On Monday, while Travis worked, I tried to move stuff by myself. I learned quickly that two hands and one car does not get a lot done. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for sacrificing your afternoons and late evenings to help move boxes and scrub baseboards:)
Other fun news--Travis got a job! He starts with Chase Bank in Paradise(20 minute commute) August 15th. He is going to be a Personal Banker. He is sad to leave In N Out and all of his friends there, but excited to start a new job( with full benefits and a salary!) Yup--I'm one happy wife!! We feel so fortunate to be able to stay in Chico. PTL!
We leave for Tahoe tomorrow morning and I will be spending the evening with my momma singing along with Lady Antebellum. (I know, I didn't plan this whole moving and going to a concert thing very well!) Unfortunately, we will only be in Tahoe for two days because we need to be back to Chico on Sunday. That is when I plan on catching up on editing photos and posting some more on the good o' blog!
Well, that is what's up in our lives. I hope everyone has a great weekend and can stay cool in this 90+ degree weather!!
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