August 6, 2011

Emrie in the Park

As I have mentioned a few times in past posts, when we were in San Diego last time we took our niece to the park for a little photo shoot. Yes, I am biased. No, there is not a cuter 7 month old baby. (Please don't take offense to that if you have a 7 month old baby.)
Emrie has an adorable stink face. When we were taking photos & it got too bright for her, she would resort to a stink face--squinted eyes, scrunched nose... You'll see.
 Scrumptious baby toes and sweet chubby fingers.
 Are you ready for it? Here it is--the stink face.
 Emrie, her mommy, and a partial stink face. 
 Emrie, we love you so much and had so much fun spending the week with you. Uncle Travis always talks about how cute you are--he misses you. Good job learning to crawl. Try not to make too many messes! Thanks, Morgan, for making her smile for us--Mommy always does that best!

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