January 18, 2011

I think I like headbands...

My mom came to Chico and spent the past two days with us. It was so great spending some time with her and we even got to craft! She kept laughing at me for taking pictures of the crafts. I just told her "I gotta keep the blog alive!"Anyways...

Here is another post on headbands/hair accessories. Super easy and cute!
-Hot Glue gun
-Hair clips
-Buttons, beads, pearls, etc. (to decorate the accessory)

Step 1. Cut 6 circles 2 inches in diameter. Two will be used for the bases.
Step 2. Cut 4 circles about 1 and 1/4 inch in diameter. I used the bottom of a coffee cup.

Step 3. Fold 4 of the larger  circles into fours. To do this, first fold it in half. Put a small dot of hot glue towards the center of the straight edge, then fold it in half again. 

 I leave mine like this, not making it completely overlap. It add some dimension.

 Step 4. Hot glue all 4 of the circles to the base (one of the 2 inch circles). This circle can be the same fabric or different, it doesn't matter. I hot glue it by just putting a small dab (smaller than a pea) toward the middle of the base circle. You don't want to hot glue it all the way down or it might look too flat.

 Step 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the smaller circles.

 Step 6. Attach either a button, pearl, etc to the middle. I just hot glued this button on.

 Step 7. If you want to make it into a headband, use the last circle you have left and hot glue the headband in between the circle and the "fabric flower".

My mom made the two small ones for my little sister. She hot glued the hair clips to the flowers. Make sure you hot glue the curved side to the flower so the flat side is on your head.

 These are are really easy and you can use any fabric! They would be great gifts, stocking stuffers, or just for yourself!:)

Thanks for following and let me know if you make some! I want to see your masterpiece:)

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  1. Those are ADORABLE! You are soooo creative! Love it!