January 11, 2011

Fun in the Snow!

As I was lying on the couch reading a book with a sweet 3 week old baby sleeping on my chest, I heard some screaming outside. My mother in law told me I had to go outside and see Travis. He was outside snow-blowing and the snow was going all over his brother.

 These Albinis are ca-razy!

 They were piling all of the snow into a big pile so tomorrow we will have a great base for a huge snowman.

After messing around in the snow for a while we decided to go sledding in the freezing beautiful snow storm...the ghetto way.

Kyle catching some air...

   And getting a face-full of powder! (Do I look cold?)
 This just makes me laugh!


 So cold it might just be funny...or maybe I'm laughing at how dumb it was to not change out of my pajama pants!

 Travis being silly...

 And then eating it!!

If you could only hear the screams...

 'Bout to break his back!

 We had a few good rides thanks to the Griddle box...I said it was the ghetto way!

We plan on going back tomorrow when it has iced over a little bit and we can go by Walmart and get a real sled....like normal people.

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