January 28, 2011

High Contrast B&W

I've noticed lately when editing photos, that I have been doing a lot of high contrast Black and White. It makes the images just pop off of the background and I love the sharp lines.

When having really high contrast, it gives the photograph an artsy look. Now, that is just my opinion. Some people do not like this type of edit. I've realized that so much of photography is one's opinion of what looks "good". A lot of that opinion has to do with the era that the individual grew up in. What was Photography like then? What poses were people looking for?

Anyways-- I'm taking two Photography classes at Chico State this semester for fun and to gain some knowledge and experience. I'll be sure to pass it along!

I thought I'd share some of my favorite high contrast B&W photos from the past 6 months. Enjoy!

 We are looking forward to capturing more moments like these! Have a great weekend!
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