January 10, 2011

Any ideas?

I need your help with some ideas of crafts to do with my new Sewing Machine. My mom got me a Sewing Machine for Christmas and I'm excited! I have a lot of stuff in mind and am trying to come up with some more stuff. I will have a week of work before school starts where I will have my nights free. Ah, I can't wait! Here are some things that I am looking forward to doing: (click on the word to see the project)
PlacematsRuffle Tea Towel
These don't need a sewing machine but they will be future projects as well!
Flower HeadbandLetters
What else would be fun and easy sewing projects?

1 comment:

  1. I made pj pants for the fam for Christmas! Fun start to patterns (I just learned to sew!). I like making tote bags since there are so many cute fabrics out there and you can never have too many reusable grocery bags! :-)