October 12, 2010

DIY Dollar Store Trays

Who doesn't love a Dollar store DIY Project?

I have seen this idea on a few blogs like these:



-Dollar Store Tin Trays
-Spray paint of your choice
-Some sort of base, I used candlesticks from World Market.
-A tough adhesive to glue the tray to the base
-Scrapbook paper of your choice
-ModPodge and brush

Step #1. Spray paint your trays and candle sticks. I did the bottom of the trays first and when they were dry, did the top.

 The top doesn't have to be perfect because scrapbook paper will be covering any blemishes.

Step #2. Cut out the scrapbook paper to fit in the tray. This was kind of tricky. I traced the circular tray and then cut in .5 inches and worked with it. For the rectangular tray, I just laid the paper in it and marked where it needed to be cut.

Step #3. Modpodge the heck outta it. I cover the backside with ModPodge then put another layer on the top after I have smoothed it to the tray. (be careful of bubbles!)

Step #4. Glue the candle stick to the bottom of the tray. Use books or some other heavy object to hold the candlestick down to the tray.

 Step #5. Make some delicious Funfetti cupcakes and serve them to the Birthday girl with her awesome trays as a gift!

Oh, and get a picture of the birthday girl with her trays because she's pretty cute too!

Just a reminder that these are not food or dishwasher safe. That's why I used cupcake liners. You could put down some more paper or something if you wanted to put food directly on the trays.

You could also use these trays as:
-Jewelry organizers
-Potpourri displays
-A place to put your junk on your dresser!
-Desk organizers

Hope you liked them, Emily! Happy 21st Birthday!!

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  1. Thanks Danielle! They were delicious for the eyes and for our bellies :) You are just so crafty !!!