October 27, 2010

Beautiful friends

A few weeks ago a friend asked me what my dream for my future is. I did not know how to respond. I have many passions but I could not think of any that could be potential careers. I went home and started praying and thinking about what I could possibly want to do once I graduate(which is so soon!). Well, for those of you who do not know, I love Photography. It is a passion of mine and feel called to capture the special moments in people's lives.

For the past few weeks, my husband and I have been working hard to build our own Photography business. It is still in the works. However, a big step in this process is building a portfolio. I had asked a bunch of my girl friends to help me out with this. The girls all took great photos and here are just a few of the keepers from our session yesterday:

Thank you, friends. You are all beautiful.

We will let you know how the business plan is going as we progress.

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  1. these are great, Danee! Way to go for it. I love the suitcase photo :) you have such a fun blog.

  2. Thanks, Kyra. I love reading yours, too!

  3. Yay! Good job Danee! You have such a gift. I'm excited for our shoot on Saturday...What are we gonna do if its raining? haha

  4. Wow love all of these! You are super talented! Photography is hard work! Great job :]

  5. Thanks, girls! Mel, we might have to reschedule:/. I will let you know!