December 20, 2012

Ten Years:: Ten Reasons

Today marks ten years of dating for us. TEN YEARS. That's a long time:) Well, we technically got married after 6 years of dating but it has been ten years since Travis asked me to be his girlfriend freshman year:) And marriage definitely includes dating!

I thought I'd celebrate by sharing ten reasons why I am so in love with this guy of mine.

One:: He is a much better communicator than me. He doesn't let me get away with pouting and not explaining my feelings.

Two:: He is seriously funny--I know most of the things that he does are done just to make me laugh.

Three:: He is dedicated to whatever he does--sometimes to a fault. People who know him know that when he gets into something, it is all or nothing.

Four:: He is a great friend and I'm thankful he's my best friend.

Five:: He tells me I'm beautiful--especially when he knows I don't feel that way.

Six:: He puts up with and loves my crazy family. That's a lot of estrogen!

Seven:: He has a heart for people--all people. 

Eight:: He encourages me spiritually--helping me to lead a better life.

Nine:: He has such a passionate, sincere, emotional side to him and I'm so happy I get to be the one he shares it with.

Ten:: He makes each year even better than the one before!

I love you and here's to making 2013 the best year yet!

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