December 14, 2012

Five on Friday

This was our first week without any family/friends staying with us. We miss them all and are so appreciative of their help and company! It has been a good week figuring out our family's new "normal".

Travis and I are working on a few projects in our house. One is the laundry room--we had a friend build a long shelf over the washer&dryer. It's so nice to have that work space! We plan on painting it this weekend. Will post pictures when it's done:)

I realize that I have yet to do a blog post on Brody's nursery. That's because we don't have his photos/graphic art all up yet. Soon!

Travis and I went to Target last night. We all know that place is not our wallet's friend!! Well this husband of mine is on a frugality kick--reading how to be more frugal and have your money stretch farther. He read a blog where they walk around places like Target and say "Aren't you glad we don't need that?". It really does help to not overspend! It kinda sucks when you want a cute top, though!:)

I went to my first play group with Brody this week. It is really just an excuse for my girlfriends and I to get out of the house, eat cookies, and sip of coffee together.:) The babies didn't really play yet. At one point we were all feeding them. Brody slept the whole time--wish he would nap like that at home.:)

My heart goes out to all affected by the horrible school shooting in Connecticut. The children, the teachers, the parents, siblings, the family members and friends...I can't imagine the pain--there are no words. We are praying for you.

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