December 19, 2012

Life Lately:: A New Normal

You get asked "how are things going?" a lot when you have a baby. Honestly, it is tough figuring out our new normal. In the beginning, things are daunting. I have to care for this little one throughout the day by myself?? How am I going to do that?? 

Well, you just do. And soon it becomes a new normal. Brody is 4 weeks old and things are just now falling into place. We are slow in the mornings but have learned what it takes to get out of the house.

I've realized that it is nice to have one thing planned during the day. Whether it is to go to a friend's house, run an errand(ah!), or simply go on a walk. It is something for me to look forward to and it makes the day go by so much faster. We really love it when daddy gets home. That is when I try to get a few chores done, take care of some business, and have some time to myself. 

One part of our new normal includes bath time! He loves bath time now that we can put him in the bathtub and submerge him all the way(since his cord fell off). He lays there in Travis' arms as calm as can be. This kid's faces...
Our life lately has been different but so much fun. Seeing Travis love on our son makes me so giddy. I really ought to audio record Travis talking to him--it melts me. Seeing Brody's little smirks and silly faces make me really look forward to learning his personality. I know we're obsessed but I promise this blog will soon be filled with more than just photos of our little guy!

We are so excited to start shooting again in the Spring. We are starting to book Weddings for the summer/fall so make sure to pass the word along and book your Wedding soon! We'd love to work with you! Oh, and Brody's grandmas would love a good reason to come hang out him all day.:)

Thanks for following and supporting us in our adventures! 

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