December 21, 2012

Dear Mom:: Thank You

Dear Mom,

I don't even know how to start this. So many thoughts come to mind about the past month and all of the reasons I ought to thank you and grovel at your feet!

I have to be honest. I was nervous about Broderick's birth and the logistics of having you there. I was scared that we'd be that couple with the crazy Nurse mom who kept wanting to do things her way. And I know that you were nervous about it too--trying to separate Labor and Delivery Nurse from Mom. I understood where you were coming from. This is your field. You have been through and seen many labors. You knew what you thought I should do. But, you respected my wants and I'm so grateful for that. You never tried to take control. You let Travis and I make the decisions--just how it should be. You answered my questions and encouraged me when I needed it. 
Thank you.

When you would rub my neck and talk me through my contractions, telling me "Relax your face, relax your shoulders, relax your arms, relax your fingers...", it really helped. Telling me to breathe--seems so easy but I needed to be told. I was so nervous to start pushing but you and Travis encouraged me, telling me I could do it.
Thank you.
After Brody was born, I think I would have gone a little crazy without your "that's normal" and "you're just emotional". Because it was true and I knew that you'd tell me the truth--but more importantly--the truth in love. 
Thank you.
You know me so well. When we brought Brody home from the hospital to a full Thanksgiving feast, I truly enjoyed that. I will never forget how special it was to walk in our home, greeted by my smiling family and the mouth-watering smell of your hard work. You know that a messy house stresses me out. When I got out of the shower to find my laundry folded on my neatly made bed, I needed that. You know that there was no way I had the energy to make dinner. When I walked into the kitchen to dinner every.single.night, I appreciated that.. 
Thank you.

You know that I put on a strong front when sometimes I just needed to cry without knowing why. And when those moments came, you knew to just let me be. Then I'd walk out of my bedroom and you'd just say "It's okay honey, you're just emotional." That made me feel normal. 
Thank you.

I'm so glad that you chose the profession that you did. I felt so at ease with Brody that first week because I knew that you know babies so well. You knew how to bathe him, clean his cord, how to swaddle him, how to burp him, how to help me feed him, how to deal with engorgement, etc. Seriously, I don't know how other new moms figure it out on their own.;) I know I would have done just fine but you helped me not be a stressful wreck. 
Thank you.
It is tough to believe that at one time I was your newborn baby. You rocked me the same way that I rock my son. You had the same sleepless nights and poopy blowouts. Except with me you also had another newborn baby--twins. Oh my gosh. Thank you.

You hear that once you have a baby of your own, you appreciate your mother so much more. I had no idea how true that was until Broderick came into this world. Maybe this is God's way of humbling us after making our moms deal with our teenage years. Either way, I'm so very grateful for you Mom. 
Thank you.

Your Baby

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