July 19, 2012

Chico California Wedding Photographer:: Moments

We all know that there are seasons to life--seasons where your mind seems to stay focused on certain things. 

Some seasons in life are tough--it seems that during these times we focus on survival, on getting through each day. When these seasons pass we are more aware of moments that showcase life, happiness, and laughter--in my opinion.

For me, in this season of life, I seem to be focused on special moments between people. Moments in my life, moments in friends and family's lives, and moments in our client's lives. 

I have to say that besides the time I get to spend with a freshly just-walked-down-the-aisle-couple, my most favorite moments as a Wedding Photographer are my moments spent with just the bride and her details. I truly enjoy photographing the glow a bride. Her details are icing on the cake--she has spent months and months planning how these details will come together. How can I possibly overlook them? 

These details tend to say a lot about the bride--her style does not go unnoticed. Her bridesmaids work hard to make sure she is happy with how things have turned out. I just know that when I was a bride, I would have been a mess without the help of sisters, friends, and family helping pull all of the details together on our special day. 

So, as I am finishing up one Wedding from June and gearing up for another this weekend, I am loving the moments that I am blessed to capture through my camera. And here are just a few sneak peeks at Amber and her details--full blog post by Monday.
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