July 23, 2012

Chico California Photographer::Tom and Amber

We are excited to share some of Tom and Amber's Wedding photos. Their day was filled with people who love them and lots of smiles. Amber was a relaxed bride and ,of course, Tom was enjoying the party! Are there even grooms out there who get stressed?:)

This wedding took place at the Lakeside Pavilion in California Park. It was a hot day but was just perfect! 

I will mostly let these photos speak for themselves--check them out and don't be shy to share with Tom and Amber how great it was!
Chico Strings added a special element to the ceremony.
Amber walked down and aisle and Tom met her halfway.
I love spending time with a new bride and groom!

 The reception was held indoors and it seemed everyone was on their feet the whole time!
 The event proceeded with cake, toasts, and lots of dancing!
Thank you Amber and Tom for such a great day. We are so happy to see you as husband and wife! 

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