July 10, 2012

20 weeks

Hello Halfway!!!
Alright, I'm getting a little behind--we are actually 21 weeks right now but these photos were taken at 20 weeks(+5 days).
Weeks: 20
Weight gain: 9 lbs. Right on track to gain 30 total.(Feeling large--I know, just wait.)
Baby's size: Length of a banana--that seems so big to me!
Changes: Feel like I've popped out. Although, we went garage saling last weekend with two other couple who are expecting and people didn't ask when my due date was--just theirs. I was wearing a looser shirt, though.
Maternity clothes: Same--bottoms yes but my tops still fit. 
Food cravings: Starting to crave sweets.
Food aversions: Burgers. Although, Travis is very happy that In N Out isn't sounding so gross anymore.:)
Best moment this week: Hearing baby boy's heartbeat again and painting the nursery. 
Worst moment this week: My stomach is getting more sensitive--hello TUMS.
Movement: He is so active right now. Friends and family have felt him and Travis and I just sit on the couch at night watching my belly bounce. He's getting stronger!
Missing Anything: Not really.
Looking Forward to: Another ultrasound this Thursday! Can't wait to see him!!


  1. So glad you are having another ultrasound! That is one thing I regret in my pregnancies...not having multiple ultrasounds. You just can't get those opportunities and moments back. You are so beautiful and we're so excited for you guys!! BTW, I expect to be invited to a baby shower...I want to give you stuff! XO, Robin

  2. And by the way, you look absolutely gorgeous and SKINNY! :D

    No really, you do. My most hated area of weight gain was in my arms...and you've gained none there! Beautiful arms/shoulders/face etc. You are one hot momma and I know Travis agrees!

  3. Robin, I just LOVE you!! Yes, you will be invited to a baby shower:) I can't wait to meet Jaxon. He looks so cute and I have been thinking about you lots! Thank you so much for the compliments--if I lose the baby weight like you, I'll be so thankful!!!