July 15, 2011

Oh, what flowers can do.

I have been spending most of my time at coffee shops lately. Our internet is down at our apartment(actually, we normally steal borrow it from the office but it disappeared). Also, coffee shops are air conditioned and I get to enjoy a White Mocha all to myself. My hubbys and my "thing" is to hang out at coffee shops together. We love it-- We talk, read, surf the web(is that the oldest internet phrase?!), and just be. When we go to a coffee shop to share a drink, he normally drinks about 75% of it. I'm a slow drinker--I like to take my time and savor the sips of milky goodness. I don't blame him for gulping it down. White Mochas are bomb.

Last night we went to Farmer's Market for a little bit because we wanted to walk around and I wanted  to get some pretty flowers. Flowers on my coffee table truly make me happy. Basically anything I do on the couch is that much better because there are bright, happy,inspirational flowers in front of me. Oh, what flowers can do. We ran into so many friends downtown, which is always a treat! One said "Aw, did you buy your wife some flowers?" To which Travis replied, " I guess you could say that--I handed her the money to get them!" Such a romantic;)
The past few days have been so busy and full of work. We have had multiple Portrait Sessions and two June Weddings to work on. I am sending out the CDs to my clients tomorrow and the last wedding will be done by next week! I love looking through the photos and seeing the faces of people we care for. Weddings and Engagements are especially fun! I will have to do a post sometime on the emotions of a wedding. There are so many photos that truly capture the emotion of that special day--like this one...
The bride's father, who officiated the wedding--deep in prayer. I feel blessed to be able to work with brides, grooms, and their families.

After I've finished the last Wedding, I will be working on all of our photos from San Diego--stay tuned for sweet photos of our niece!
Okay, here is a sneak peek because she is just that cute!!
Well, I am off to edit more photos and enjoy Friday afternoon. I finally unpacked our clothes from last week--if they are lying on our bed does that mean that I have unpacked them?!
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for following!

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  1. The flowers are beautiful, but I actually teared up at the father daughter prayer moment...That is so precious and special. I hope that Bride cherishes every memory of her wedding, especially that one with her dad!!! Great job capturing the moment!