July 10, 2010

Quick trip update!

We are super bummed that we haven't been able to post pictures of our trip so far. However, we can still share with you our thoughts on the amazing things we have seen and experienced.

So far we have been to The Grand Canyon (North and South Rim), Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon. All of these places have exceeded our expectations and were absolutely breath-taking. The Rolls has been running great with the occasional stall-out. It is a little cramped with all 4 of us but an absolute blast!

Earlier today we got caught in the middle of a thunder storm while hiking Bryce Canyon. It was hailing on us and we had a pound of mud stuck to the bottom of our shoes while trying to hike UPHILL fast to get out of the rain, hail, thunder, and lightning. We huddled up with another family from Russia. Quite the experience. Travis actually gave me a piggy back ride...he's great. He also RAN up the hill ahead of us to get us towels to bring back down. It was the best work out I have ever had and I had to have been going slow as ever. We'll never forget this experience.

Right now we are sitting in front of a Laundromat in Bryce Canyon, Utah. There is free wireless internet here. Score. We just stopped on the side of the road to watch a mother antelope and two of her babies prance around the meadow. They are the fastest animal in the entire world besides the Cheetah. Pretty darn cute, too.

We will try to get pictures up on here but for some reason it hasn't been working. However, we have been able to post pictures to Facebook so look me up on there if we aren't already friends.

Thanks for following!

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