July 4, 2010

Our new Rolls Royce (thank you Wilson Family)!

With our trip only a few days away we decided we definitely needed to blog a little bit about how we ended up with the awesome vehicle we will be using on our road trip. As most of you probably know, Danielle and I attend EV Free Church in Chico and are a part of an awesome "young married" group. There are TONS of amazing people that we love so much up there and we really feel blessed and encouraged from the group. We also have an incredible Pastor that leads the marriage and family classes at our church named Will Wilson.

The Wilson family has blessed us so much since we have lived in Chico. We look up to the Wilson family as a great example of what a Christian home should look like. Will and Lindy are encouraging and also very generous. When we told them about a little road trip we were planning for this summer they offered their RV to us. They had us over for dinner a few weeks before we left for San Diego so we could check it out, and to "make sure we know what we are getting into".

Nothing like a clean 1984 Ford Mobile Traveler to be traveling over 5,000 miles and sleeping in for 30 straight days! It isn't quite a new Rolls, but pretty stinking close. We are going to be cruising in style in this RV that is almost old enough to be a classic! We are so lucky to have awesome people in our lives that constantly bless us and made this trip possible. Here are a few pics of the luxury suite on wheels:

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