July 10, 2010

Bryce Canyon

Our third stop on this trip was Bryce Canyon in Utah. Bryce was so different than The Grand Canyon and Zion. The Grand Canyon and Zion were larger and more busy. Bryce Canyon gave off a more intimate vibe and the detail in the canyons was amazing.

We drove around and checked out a bunch of different viewpoints:

Sunset Point

Sunrise Point

Bryce Canyon Viewpoint

Next, we decided to hike a 8 mile round trip trail on Peekaboo Loop.

See the thunder storms rolling in...

However, we ended up getting caught in the middle of a Thunder storm. By thunder storm, I mean rail, hail, high winds, thunder, and lightning. We huddled up with a family from Russia who was also drenched. Our shoes had about a pound of mud stuck to the bottom of them. I said that I can understand how people die in flash floods and storms like those because we were slipping and I was totally exhausted. We were really thankful to get to the RV.

On our way out of the park there was a mother antelope and her two babies.

They are the fastest animal in the world besides the cheetah. The babies are really cute, too. The two babies were chasing each other around the meadow.

Tomorrow we are off to Capital Reef National Park...

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