July 14, 2010

Capitol Reef National Park

On our way to Capitol Reef National Park we noticed that most of the stores in the tiny little towns we were driving through were closed. We also saw a lot of LDS churches since we were in the middle of Utah. We then put 2 and 2 together and realized it must have been Sunday. I guess the days are already starting to run together at this point!

We finally found an open burger joint which turned out to be really good. We reached Capitol Reef at Sunset and caught a few shots just in time.

We spent the night in a campsite at the park and went on a scenic drive the next morning. The park was much smaller than the first 3 we have already seen. Here are a few shots from the drive.

There wasn't a ton to see at Capitol Reef so we took off pretty early and headed out towards Arches National Park...

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