November 25, 2013

Chico, CA Maternity Photographer:: John and Kimberly

I was up way too late last night with these photos because I was loving them! Kim and John are a gorgeous couple and I was honestly smiling while looking through the photos from their Session. There were lots of giggles and sweet kisses. 

Congratulations, you two! 

Kimberly, you are absolutely beautiful--pregnancy looks great on you :)
 Kimberly, you are perfectly teeny and I'm sure most pregnant women wished they looked like you this far along! :)
 We headed over to a field as the sun set with a gorgeous, yellow glow.
 These were the last two photos from our Session and they are two of my favorites!
 I had such a great time with you two--thank you! Thank you for being open to laying in the weeds and letting bikers possibly run you over ;)

Being parents is such a gift!! Congratulations!

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