August 13, 2013

Birth Photography:: Memories Fade

You are all probably getting sick of hearing me rant and rave about Birth Photography. Well, I just can't help myself! I am in love with these moments I get to be a part of.

I was looking through our Facebook page and came across the following photo...
 Without this photo, this memory would fade. But with this photo, the memories come flooding back. I can remember that moment like it was yesterday. I remember feeling this odd combination of exhilarating exhaustion. 
This sweet, perfect baby just laying there--knowing that he was in his mother's arms. I know he knew. He was breathing so deeply and quietly. I examined his milky face and was in awe of his adorable dimple chin--the one thing that he got from me:)

There was a long road of recovery ahead for me but none of that even entered my mind. I was in complete peace--something I had not ever experienced before. He was here.
The photo above on the left hangs on our living room wall. 

Once again, I truly cannot express how grateful I am for the photos. To our friend, Eddie, who ran into the hospital room just in time for pushing to start--you captured the most exciting moments of our lives thus far. Thank you. 

Now our son is almost 9 months old. Looking through these photos of his arrival still brings me to tears. Don't hesitate to contact me for Birth Photography! I promise, you will be so happy to have these photos. And so will your babies!

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