April 5, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! 
Travis, Brody, and I went for a walk Tuesday night. We ended up being those parents with the screaming baby who is kicking in mom's arms while dad pushes the empty stroller that said baby is supposed to be quietly sleeping in:)

A lot of our friends are on Spring Break right now--not as students but as the teachers. Makes me feel old:) Anyways, we had friends over for dinner. Travis BBQ'd some chicken and it made me really excited for summer! I can't wait to see Brody's little bum crawling around in the grass.

My gardening skills needs some sharpening. I just pray we get one good vegetable outta this whole thing. Travis said to me last night "You're doing great so far"! Um, I've had to start over twice but thanks babe.

I ended up doing all of our grocery shopping at Trader Joes this week. I forgot to grab sweet potatoes so the cashier person asked someone to go grab some for me. They asked "Do you want regular or organic?"...pause...people are listening..."Oh, I'll take organic. Thanks!" Ha!! 

I feel like I no longer have a baby--I have a kid. Although, come on Danielle, he is only 4 months old! But he faced out in his stroller today when we went on our walk. That officially makes him a big boy(in my mind)!
Have a great weekend!!

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