April 23, 2013

Broderick::Sitting Up

This little baby is becoming quite the little boy! Well, was he ever actually a little baby? I see newborns now and I think "Gosh, Brody was never that little!". And in all reality, he wasn't a little newborn(8.3 lbs) and his head was huge so he never looked teeny tiny to me. But...people tell me he was little. He just got big really fast!:)

Anyways...I got some photos of this little boy sitting up yesterday! He topples over and does lots of face plants. When I was taking his photos yesterday he sat there for a good minute or two without falling over! 

I just love this face!! He a growler...
 His hair is growing in super fast. He has about 5 pieces left of his hair that he was born with--I will never cut them. (Tear)
I did not enhance the color of his eyes at all...we have a blue-eyed babe!

These overalls just KILL me. I want to dress him in them every day now--My little NorCal boy;)

Thanks for following our little space here. We have lots of Portrait Sessions coming up so stayed tuned for other people on here besides our little boy!:)

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