June 26, 2012

Care for a little coffee date?

I'm starting a new little weekly post on here--a coffee date of sorts. I've seen it around the blogosphere and thought it was a sweet idea. What would you share with me if we were on a coffee date? 

If we were on a coffee date, I'd first have to order an iced tea instead of coffee. Although I have been drinking lots of decaf White Mochas at some of our fave coffee shops, Iced tea has sounded amazing. This is Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea--kind of addicting.

I'd also share with you that if I ever think of leaving our Chico community and friends here, it brings me to tears. I feel very, very fortunate for the people in my life. One of the reasons that Travis and I decided to buy a house and stay in Chico is because we couldn't imagine leaving the friends. 

Some friends came over last night for dinner and they brought us this blue hydrangea--blue for our little boy on the way. Very thoughtful.

If we were on a coffee date, I'd share with you just how thankful I am for my husband. Truly, I'd tell you that. I've been working about 45 hours/wk the past few weeks plus shooting Weddings and Portraits. I've come home to dishes done and groceries shopped for. 

I'd also share with you that I am beyond excited for my sister's wedding weekend coming up. Travis isn't able to get the time off of work so I get some girl time--manicures, lunch with the girls, and all of the wedding excitement. I miss my mom and sisters a lot. I can't wait for them to feel little baby boy kick, too!

What is your relationship like with your siblings? I have 4 sisters and it has been a roller coaster of ups and downs in our relationships. My twin sister and I were attached at the hip growing up, until about high school. After those years of not getting along, we get along just fine now. I miss her and think she is such a beautiful woman. I tried to convince her to move to Chico:)

My older sister and I never got along growing up--around my college years, we started to be able to relate better to each other instead of ignore each other's wants. She is really smart and a great shopper--I look up to her in many ways.:)

My two younger sisters and I have gotten along well. I used to carry my younger sister from her bed to mine because I got scared at night. She was the baby in the family for a long time. When my youngest sister came along when I was 12, I treated her like my own baby. I remember running home from the school bus just to cuddle her as a newborn. I will be very sad when she doesn't run into my arms anymore when I visit. I'm going to pretend she will do that even when she is 16. Hmmm...

That was kind of a tangent about my sisters but I can talk for a long time about them--so maybe this coffee date went a little longer than the usual one. 

What would you tell me if we were on a coffee date?

Maybe at the end of this coffee date, we'd watch Matilda together--as that is what I have on in the background while I clean up and finish some Wedding crafts. I love that movie.

Thanks for the coffee date--until next week...

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