June 24, 2012

18 weeks

18 weeks has been a very eventful week for us. We got to see our little one again on an ultrasound and find out that we are having a boy! It was so great having the ultrasound technician point out all of his healthy parts--his heart, stomach, bladder, kidneys, spine, all 10 fingers, all 10 toes, etc. We feel very blessed to have a healthy baby on the way--he is a miracle.
I have been feeling him kick like crazy the past week. I knew it was early to feel that much movement so I was kind of talking myself out of it. I would think "I'm only ___ weeks, that's probably just something weird like gas." Nope, it was him. I guess my placenta is in the back so it is normal to feel the baby kick a lot sooner and more often. That is both good and bad--when I'm in my third trimester and he is kicking a lot, I'm told I might not be a big fan of it. As of now, I am loving it!

Weeks: 18
Weight gain: 7lbs total
Baby's size: 9.5 ounces 
Changes: He is kicking lots. I am pretty tired this week--having to slow down some. Pulling weeds hurt my back:)
Maternity clothes: Some. My shorts/pants don't button anymore but I just use a hairband through the hole and around the button. Dress in the pictures is Maternity from Motherhood.
Food Cravings: Tacos, fruit, salad, chocolate.
Food aversions: Burgers.
Best moment of the week: Travis feeling baby boy kick!!
Worst moment of the week: Randomly throwing up one morning.
Movement: Yes--lots of jabs.
Missing anything: Raw sushi, a big bladder.
Looking forward to: My sisters and parents feeling him kick when I travel to SD for my older sister's wedding next weekend. 

Oh, and we think our little boy is so cute and looks like his daddy already!

A few more photos from last night...
 It was a windy night in Chico...
 Thank you, hubby, for taking these. You're the bomb.com.


  1. Cute pics! My dad told me how you told Uncle Ed that you were pregnant, such a cute idea! Congrats! Hope all is well :)

  2. Thanks so much! Love you! Trav came up with the fishing pole idea--it was so cute!