June 22, 2011

Second Shooting--Alyssa's Grad Session

It has been so much fun for me to work with Katelyn from Katelyn Owens Photography (go check her out!). Chico is a small town so I can see how some photographers want to keep to themselves and not 'help' one another. Where is the fun in that? We are supposed to help each other and be a community. I don't mean 'help' as in give away your secrets, your photoshop techniques, etc. I mean help as in encourage one another to be better, to work harder, and to learn more. I am so glad that I know some great photographers in Chico who share the same thoughts. This is how Photography should be. As long as you are confident in your own work as an artist, what is the issue? Anyways...
Katelyn and I have gotten to know each other well in the past few months and when she asked me if I wanted to second shoot for her I was so excited! She was so great to let me tag along to basically try new things, see how she works, and build my portfolio. I appreciated it so much and really did have fun! Here are some photos of my time spent second shooting for Katelyn--thanks!!
 Alyssa and Katelyn--thank you! I loved working with both you. Congratulations on graduating Alyssa!

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