June 13, 2011

Little Ones--The Real Family

I don't think I can really express my love for this family. We have history, we have seriously funny stories, we have deep friendship. They make me want to live in San Diego so badly. When we visit home, they are the first friends that we visit. (As I am typing this I am listening to Pandora and Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' is on. You should hear their 3 year old's rendition!! It is to die for!)
Elyse gave birth to their newest addition about 4 weeks ago. If baby Solana would've held out for another week then auntie Danee could've been there but it is okay baby Solana...I forgive you.:) You came at the perfect time. You are a perfect, sweet, baby girl. Elyse and I skyped a few times while they were still in the hospital and I will never forget seeing her holding her new teeny tiny bundle of joy. It is just the most awe-inspiring thing to see a mom hold her baby and to witness her looking at her and stroking her little wisps of hair. I remember Jose saying "Yeah, it is pretty awesome." Pretty awesome is right.
Anyways, Elyse and I spent some time one afternoon taking photos of her baby girl. The older sister got some photos too--will share some of those on the next post. Here are some photos of our time together.
 I love how small she looks in her mommy's arms. She was so content and gave us a little smile.
I will post tomorrow about our time together while we enjoyed a glorious San Diego afternoon, Jose & Elyse barbecuing some chicken, me holding Solana and breathing in her sweet baby scent, Travis taking dangerous sharp corners while pulling Sophia in her wagon. Sigh--it was perfection, I tell you.

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  1. That's rad, we love you so much too aunt Danee!