June 4, 2011

My 'day off' and diy

A few days ago I was talking to Travis about now being unemployed. He corrected me and told me that technically I am self-employed. Not only does that sounds much better but it is true. We have been blessed enough to have Photography be something that we not only love to do but that supplements our income.
All this past week when Travis has left for work, I have been working on editing, blogging, etc. So, on this icky & rainy Saturday I have decided to take a day off and decided to do the things on my to-do list that are fun!
I enjoyed a yummy breakfast.
I enjoyed looking at pictures from our trip to San Diego. I was in heaven snuggling our friend's newborn baby girl.
I even did a little diy.
I got this idea from CLuckCluckSew. She calls it a broch but it can really be much more than that--decor for a giftbag, a headband accessory, etc.
What you need: lots of fabric scraps, felt, scissors, needle and thread, and a button.
What you do: Cut your base circle from felt for sturdiness. Then you continue to cut circles from fabric and layer them until you have met your desired look. Your circles do not have to be perfectly round.
Then you want to grab your button and thread it through all of the layers to keep the circles in place. (Or you could use some hot glue to sturdy them.)
And voila! You're done:)
Here is my little circle goodness on my hubby's birthday gift. He probably won't notice it and then I will just reuse it on something else:)
He is going to be 24 tomorrow--Happy Birthday babe!
There ya go! A little look at my day and a little diy.
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  1. So Cute! I really love the colors you chose and it looks awesome ms. crafty-mc.crafterson.

  2. Love this Dani! I wish D would let me put stuff in her hair. This would be SO perfect.