February 16, 2011

Photographing Little Ones

I had the privilege to spend some time with my little friend Jaden last week. I brought my camera along to take a few pictures of this handsome guy. I thought I'd share some tips about taking photos of little ones indoors.

It is difficult to get a sharp photo with limited light indoors. Your best bet is to put the subject, Jaden in this case, next to a source of light like a window. This will make it easier to get sharp, in focus, images with a faster shutter speed.

Try different angles. How boring would all of the photos be if you are only taking them all from one angle? Instead, stand right in front of your subject, move the the side, move up, down, all around.

See how the second photo is more focused on him finding his hands?

A last tip would be to take photos of the every day. The big gummy smiles are always great but the goofy, straight faces are also keepers.

Look at these eyes!

Oh, Jaden-- I am looking forward to being your 'Monday nanny'!

I hope this helps you capture some special moments!

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  1. Awesome pics of Jaden! What a stud! and you are going to watch him, way to go! He will be lucky to be in your company!