February 7, 2011

Our trip downtown

Travis and I are taking a Photography class together this semester. Besides our teacher being a little coo-coo, we're pretty excited! We have to have 60 photos each for our project due on Friday. Chico has had some beautiful weather recently(knock on wood) so we decided to spend Saturday afternoon walking around downtown taking some pictures. We could do a few projects with all of the pictures we took! Ah, which ones do I pick?!

Anyways, I thought I would share some of my favorite shots from Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!

Travis using our new Wide Angle Lens--will post photos from his angle soon!

Beautiful Day!

Travis and I actually had a lot of fun walking around and taking pictures. We walked into a few shops and got asked a lot "So, what are you guys doing with the cameras?" It was fun seeing Downtown Chico through my lens. Our feet were kinda tired after walking for a few hours but I recommend taking a stroll in the bright sunshine next time you get a chance, it's a beautiful world.

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  1. So talented - amazing pictures!

  2. Thanks Cris! Time for you to make a trip to Chico to see it for yourself!:)