February 10, 2011

DIY Candle Gift

This is a really simple and cheap gift idea for Valentine's Day. It includes a vintage plate, a paper doily, a small candle, some ribbon, and a cute note! It's that easy!

A while back I decided that I wanted to start to collect vintage/thrifty plates. You can find some really, really cute plates at just about any thrift store. How beautiful would it be to have 25 different vintage plates for girly gatherings like bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, etc.? I digress....

I have been a little bit obsessed with doilies--as you will see when I share about my Valentine's Day present for my husband. I used just one paper doily (You can get a pack of 20 of them for around $1 or cheaper!) and laid it on the plate. Then I put one of the small candles that I got in the pack shown below from Walmart for $10 on the plate with some ribbon wrapped around it.

Attach a personalized note or tag and you are all set!

This cute little candle set will be a good small gift for just about any girl you know. Your coworkers, neighbors, friends, boss, sisters, mom, even yourself! If you give it to your boss, make a different tag than the one I showed--that would be awkward.

On a different note--make your own cards! It is so easy and saves you a lot of money. Okay, maybe cards are just too expensive for my bank account.

All you need is a piece of cardstock, a pen, and some nice words. Santa gave me a small card-making set (I think I saw the BigLots price tag on it). Making your own card really does mean more to the person than spending $4 on it.

Here's my card for my hubby. Thanks Mom Santa for the set!

This blog has helped me to actually be on top of Valentine's Day gifts! :)

What are you making for your loved ones?

Thanks for following.

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