December 31, 2010


As 2010 is coming to an end, recaping on the year makes me realize just how blessed I am. I just saw my sister in law's blog post and now all I can think about typing is a recap of my year. So I'll share a few highlights:

-Taking my first cruise with my husband and in-laws to Mexico
-Celebrating two sweet years of marriage
-Embarking on a month long road trip across 10 states and 12 National Parks.
-Paying off my first car (my husband surprised me with the papers about 2 months after we bought it!)
-Starting a Photography business
-Becoming an aunt for the first time!
-One semester away from being College graduates!

I don't think it is possible for 2011 to top 2010 but we will see. I bet there are some fun moments in store! Either way, I don't deserve any of it. I'm thankful for each high and low.

As a way of closing this great year, I thought I'd share a few photos from a night session. Travis and I have been experimenting with some new gear and who better for subjects than beautiful sisters?


 Having some fun. I think this is a lot harder than it looks!

Thanks girls for standing out in the cold with us. We love you!

Thanks for following and Happy New Year!

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