September 14, 2014

Baby Girl--34 weeks

Well, life has continued to go by and here I am at 34--almost 35 weeks! I've been getting many more of the "So, it's happening soon right?!" and I respond with "Yup! Just 5 more weeks!" and I really can't believe those words coming out of my mouth!

The past few weeks of not posting much has been due to a lot of things that have being going on in our lives, and the lives of our families. Three weeks ago, my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. It brings me to tears to think of her response when she told me. She told me that she has had her time of tears and now she is ready to face this. She said she cannot go about this journey like one without hope. Her hope is in Jesus and she said that although she, of course, wants to be around to see her family and grandkids, she has hope for a life elsewhere. She also said "You know, why not me?". Her outlook on this situation makes me so proud of her. Please be praying for her surgery that is in a few weeks--we are hopeful and thankful that it looks to have been caught fairly early.

Fast forward two weeks to last Saturday. I was camping in Lassen National Park with Brody and 175 people from our church. Travis was working and planning on driving up to make it in time for dinner and our last night there. I got a text(when I didn't haven't any service all weekend) from my mother in law telling me to call her. I found a pay phone and got the news that Travis' dad is doing fine now but he had a heart attack. He had surgery where two stents were put in his heart and he is now recovering. Praise the Lord that he was with a friend and that he is on his way to being healthy again.  

In the midst of this news, Travis and I just keep coming back to how thankful we are that his parents are with us. Things could have been a lot worse, but we are rejoicing that the outcomes are what they are. Life has been filled with lots of tears, relief, and hope. Hearing your husband weep over finding out that his mom has breast cancer will probably be on the top toughest moments of my life. He will always be a momma's boy and, now, I'm grateful for that. 

Our children are so blessed with amazing grandparents, who we love dearly. They are a part of our lives and, God willing, will be a part of our children's lives for many, many, many more years.

Let's just jump right in, since I can't quite think of a great transition here :)

Weeks: 34
Weight gain: 30 lbs.
Baby's size: 4.5 lbs and around 18 inches
Changes: Sleep has alluded me most nights--just getting me prepared for a newborn ;)
Maternity clothes: Yes. Always.
Best moment this week: Travis got off early that past two days and it was like Christmas! :) Also, I just keep imagining what it will be like to meet this little girl and I am so excited! I just can't wait to have her on my chest, looking into her little squinty eyes and hearing her cry for the first time! 
Worst moment this week: It was a busy week and when sleep doesn't come easy, it kinda stinks.
Food cravings: I am still craving ice all the time. Travis now knows to just hand me his drinks when it's just ice left. :)
Missing anything: Not really, I'm just getting into the uncomfortable part of pregnancy so the simple tasks of a day are now a bit more challenging. 
Looking forward to: An ultrasound next week. Travis will get to go and I can't wait to see her little face again. I tend to get a few ultrasounds at the end of my pregnancies because I measure super small. I'm measuring 27 weeks when I am 34 weeks. No complaints here! Brody was an 8lb 3 oz. baby so I'm not concerned about her weight whatsoever.

We appreciate your prayers for our family! And thank you for the prayers for baby girl turning head down--they worked! She has been head down for the past few weeks and is definitely showing me that she is getting squished. I'm pretty shocked my water hasn't broken due to her intense kicks! 

I promise to post another update before she is due ;)

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