October 2, 2013

Our Happy Little Family

I needed these photos. I needed these photos of our family looking happy and Brody smiling. Because that has not really been the case lately. The morning of this photo session, he woke up with his first cold and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

We've been struggling with this little 10 month old boy of ours (maybe I should say I've been struggling). He is learning how to walk, to talk and to interact with us a lot more--which is a lot of fun. It is also a lot of work.  Life has been tough for a lot of reasons. But after getting a figurative kick in the rear, it is getting better. And it was all a matter of perspective.

This little boy that we've been entrusted with is such a great gift. It is a privilege to be his mommy and I'm learning that. My attitude, my tone of voice and my energy really depends on my perspective of this role of being mommy. 

Anyways, enjoy these photos of our family. But just know--hours before these were taken I was pulling my hair out and wanting to leave Brody in his crib for the rest of the day. Okay, good--glad I got that off my chest.
 Oh goodness...
 Pure joy in all his mullet glory!
Now I can look at these and enjoy the peace they bring me. They help me see the fun in having this little boy in our lives. He is such a sweet, funny and treasured little snaggle toothed-boy!

Thank you to our awesome friend Eddie for taking these! We will cherish them:)

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