October 17, 2013

Broderick:: It's True...

It's true...this is how we all feel sometimes...
Like when he can't quite get our knee up over the edge of a wipes box so we can climb on it. Or when he can't use mommy's phone as a hammer. Or when someone isn't sharing their coffee.

Oh, the life of a 10 month old:)

Despite what this photo portrays, Brody has been SO MUCH FUN to be around. He is super giggly and thinks he is having conversations with us--I could listen to his babble all day! 

He is almost 11 months old and that just seems crazy to me. He is definitely a climber and desperately wants to get up on the couch on his own. I'm so glad he can't do this yet:)

October and November are super busy months for us personally and with Photography so stay tuned! Thank you for following along with our little family:)

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