May 21, 2013

Broderick:: A boy of many faces...

Yesterday marked 6 months since our little boy was born! 

I felt I needed to get some photos to document him on his special day. He is so funny--Travis and I are laughing at him all the time. He is sitting up on his own now and much prefers it to laying down. Yesterday I put some cute shoes on him and got my camera out. Enjoy the many faces of our little man! He is just too much!!
 Thank you Meggie for the shoes!!
 A favorite of his--sucking on his lower lip.
 Baby blues...
 I just love getting a photo when he isn't sucking on his lower lip because his lips are the most kissable lips ever!! He gets them from his daddy:)
He looks like a little hillbilly. I promise you, Southern Cali friends, we are not raising a hillbilly up here in NorCal. I figured the fohawk was him representing SoCal;)

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