January 3, 2012

My favorite project so far...

With all of the projects and chores done around the house in the past few weeks, I'd have to say that our Master Bedroom Headboard has turned out to be my favorite. Here is what our Master looked like before/during:
 My SIL Torrie used her router to cut out the design in the wood on the top two slats. She also hand drew the stencil and spray painted it on the wood.
We decided to go with a mustard yellow for the stencil to add some color to the room. Our comforter is light blue with some grey in it so we were originally thinking grey would be the color of the stencil. After some thought, we decided on yellow and I love it! 
I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out!!
 Because I didn't want the stencil to be the only yellow in the room, I spray painted a thrifted frame and put a picture from our wedding in it(it is my husband's side of the bed:)). I am still wanting to add more yellow around the room but Travis told me not to go overboard. He is a minimalist:)
 Torrie also built our side tables for us. 
Some things still left to do for this room would be to add some decor to the walls, add some length to the curtains by sewing in a pretty panel, and add some yellow fabric to the decorative pillows.

Cost breakdown of this room:
Paint for walls, headboard, bed frame, dresser, and side tables:$80
Wood for headboard and side tables:$100
Bed frame and dresser: given to us by my in laws
Lamps: previously used in our apt but I think they were $15 at Big Lots
Curtains: $7 on sale at Walmart
Curtain rods: $6 at Walmart
Comforter Set: $200 from Kohls (+came with dec pillows and two sheet sets)

Thanks for following-- Let me know what you think!


  1. Love the finished product! The rooms look amazing :) I love the touch of yellow.