January 13, 2012

It's Friday

It's Friday, Friday...gotta get down on Friday.

I just had to type that out. When you saw the title of this post you thought it too, right? 

Anyways, thank you to all of my friends and family who were so encouraging about the last post. I am feeling very fulfilled and excited! I'm excited to see what this new year holds for us--especially with Photography. 

And, thank you to Trader Joes for making your basket of grapes look so delicious. Are you a crunchy grape kinda person? I'm crunchy all the way--toss out those soft grapes.
One thing that really feeds my soul is friendship. That is why I do not mind when my kitchen looks like this...
...it means that we had a lot of fun last night with people we love. I'm not saying that I will not be excited for come clean countertops:)

Anyone else just so excited that it is Friday?? Enjoy your Friday evening and if you are really feeling it...eat a grape or two. 

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