November 5, 2010

Some Christmas Present Supplies!

Yes, Halloween is over. That means it is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. I just got some supplies in the mail that will help make my Christmas gifts (mainly to my sisters and sisters in law) very, very cute!!

Visit here to check out all of the wonderful supplies!!

Here is what I got:

Check out this adorable tin that these stamps came in!

I'm obsessed...

  I have been wanting some Baker's Twine or Divine Twine for quite some time now. I got the package of 3 in red, yellow, and green. I'm really looking forward to using them!

 Also got this floral fabric tape. (see below to see what I am planning on using it for!)

 I added these versatile gift bags just to make the purchase over the free shipping amount. Click here to get a better idea of what to do with bags like this:

I plan on using the stamps, Divine Twine, and Fabric Tape to make something similar to this . Side note: If you don't follow Ashley's blog, do it. How cute would those stamps look in a stationery set?!

Going to use the Fabric Tape and Divine Twine to make some cute jars like this one. (scroll to the bottom to see the instructions)

Might also make some cute To-Do Lists like Ashley's , found on her blog!

For more ideas about what to do with Divine Twine and Fabric Tape simply google it!:) answer to everything.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to start thinking about Christmas gifts! 

Thanks for following!

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