November 18, 2010

Christmas Deals

 I love looking at blogs and finding people sharing great Christmas deals! Christmas is quickly approaching and I am officially on Thanksgiving break. This means that while at work tonight, I will be in search of some great deals online. I will share all of the links below that I find. Enjoy and good luck shopping!!

Deals found online at Nordstroms:
- Children's Converse
-Women's Nike Shorts size Medium 
- BP Cardigan
- Infant's Columbia Jacket
- Women's Cardigan I definitely want this!

Deals found online at Target:
- Bookcase I've been eyeing this for months!
- Maternity Chiffon Dress

- Starbucks Gift Basket

Sorry, friends. That is all for now. Have you found any good deals recently? In store or online? Do tell!

Oh, and by the way...don't read into the childrens and maternity stuff. I was just looking through clearance...nothing specific!!

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