May 20, 2015

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: Kason James

May 13th, 2015

I have extra feelings sharing this Birth story as I reflect on the health of this special mom and baby. Sometimes, the end result is just that much sweeter after the tough circumstances. The baby's patient family sure was ready to meet him and it was a joyful evening. 

Congratulations to the Lamb family! (and all of the very excited extended family!)
 This is a mother's face when she hears her baby's cry for the first time...
 Welcome to the world Kason James! 
 Daddy later said that he just couldn't keep it in and lost it a bit at this moment.
 One of my favorite photos is this next one of Kaity and Kason meeting each other.
 One of the blessings, in my opinion, of a cesarean section is how much quality time daddy gets with baby. 
 This photo just had to be taken--these are some proud grandmas!
You have such a handsome boy and the day he was born is very, very celebrated! 


Thank you for allowing me into your lives and the arrival of your son. And thank you to the Enloe staff for so graciously allowing me into your operating room!

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