April 8, 2015

Brinley::5 Months

Oh, this girl has stolen my heart! Brinley is almost 6 months old and she is just a doll! She is rolling all around the room now and can't be trusted around any toys or anything food-related. She tries to steal food off of our plates and puts everything in her mouth. The days of leaving her on the bed are over. She's a mover! No crawling yet, thankfully. She is a happy, little roly-poly. 
She has found her feet and loves to grab them and has been found sucking on them as well. 
I'm not sure on her weight or length but will find out in a few weeks at her 6 month check up. She's got cheeks for days so I'm not too concerned about a lack of weight gain. We haven't started her on any solids yet and are waiting for a bit longer. She is getting close to sitting up on her own but we think her big ol' head keeps weighing her down. Ha! She sleeps a consistent 10 hours at night, finally. I'm still struggling to get up with a cheery smile to greet her sweet squeals of excitement at 6am. We might never get there. :)
Don't you worry...I nibble those thighs and kiss those chubby fingers daily. :) Brinley is my snuggle girl. She loves being in the Ergo and is now officially a tummy sleeper--that was the key to sleeping through the night, I think. She is a pretty happy girl, throwing her body back in excitement when she sees me, brother, or daddy coming towards her.
I've been told that she is a good mix of me and Travis and I think that's pretty accurate. She makes some facial expressions that remind us so much of Brody. She has blue eyes like her brother. She is a bit more olive skinned than Brody is but is looking to be getting lighter hair now after losing most of her dark hair she was born with. I know we are completely biased, but we're obsessed with this cutie. :) 
5 months have gone by pretty quickly--and that I am grateful for. That might sound bad but man, this transition to two kids was tough! Although I do consider myself to be a newborn lover, I'm thankful we are passed that stage. She's a blast and we are enjoying these two kids like crazy! 

Thanks for following along!

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